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    Below are a few CASE STUDIES & TESTIMONIALS which quantify the measurable benefits and the effectiveness of Accu-Grind's skills, technical expertise, client involvement, engineering design talent and deliverables. You will learn exactly how Accu-Grind has helped each of our clients missions in productive, creative and cost-effective ways. In nearly all cases—clients had different goals and expectations, so their area of fulfillment is reflected.

Whether we solved a problem or increased profits ... or an excellent customer experience was had ... or remarkable turnaround of materials occurred—it's all documented for your review.

    Conventional wisdom might lead you to believe that you cannot find "quality," "price" and "service" under one roof. With Accu-Grind Cutter Service, Inc., WE ARE ANYTHING BUT CONVENTIONAL—you CAN expect to receive "quality," "price" and "service/delivery."


Accu-Grind offers us a design & support team that is impeccable! Super professional, Accu-Grind designs & delivers tooling for difficult applications that supersede those supplied by catalog houses. Accu-Grind's tools often result in a 100 percent increase in quality ... while providing decreased cycle times.

Rodger Slarve,
productivity specialist/tooling engineer
The Robert E. Morris Company, Vermont

The tool we were using took us 25 minutes to cut our part. Accu-Grind designed & built a cutter for us that decreased milling time to only five minutes! Because of their custom cutter expertise, this 500% increase in production means we now produce five parts in the same time it took for us to make one.

Dennis Jenkins, C.N.C. supervisor
Perry Technology Corporation,

Accu-Grind creates reliable cutters that allow us to perform a very difficult root form on numerous parts. With tolerance on our parts at .0002, we can't have any axial run out ... and it can't have any radial run out. The part has to be near ‘perfect.' After the initial use of the tools, Accu-Grind's resharps are just as precise as the new ones.

Mike Lazzaro, shop manager,
BNB Manufacturing,

The head of Accu-Grind's design team made the three-hour journey to our facility just to look at a competitor's helical form cutter ... and instantly knew precisely why it wasn't cutting right. He identified radial clearance angles that were absent. Today, Accu-Grind provides us with 95% of our custom helical form cutters.

Moises Rivera,
senior engineering designer
Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation,
New Jersey

We had a dilemma with some of the gear teeth on one of our machines. Accu-Grind was able to Wire EDM match cut perfectly to the tooth and saved us from remaking the parts. It would have cost three times as much to remake what it cost us to have them fix it. We've worked with their competitors, but not anymore—NOW we go right to Accu-Grind.

Ron Bell, engineering manager
Pic Design, Connecticut

Accu-Grind is an extension of our design team—they offer suggestions for design that routinely help us save on costs. Recently, they helped us design the x-measurement gauge to customer requirements. I checked the dimensions of the x gauge with some of the scopes we have here. What's really impressive is that Accu-Grind inquires deeply to find out what the purpose of the product is so we can help our customer.

Paul Pezak, process engineer,
Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation,

Accu-Grind exceeds ISO standards. Their design team catches issues or errors to help us manufacture a better product—more efficiently and with a higher profitability. They are not afraid to tackle anything. If they can't do it, they'll direct you so you are able to get your mission accomplished.

Paul Senetcen,
progressive product and project manager,
Cly-Del Mfg., Connecticut

We ask for extremely tight tolerances and Accu-Grind meets our requirements. Everything we do that touches tissue is considered critical material and requires precise measurement ... and top quality materials. Our standards are much higher here than at a hospital. Accu-Grind is the best partner you can ask for!

Kerry Burrows, process engineering associate,
Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation,

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